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Nagoya is one of the centers of Japan. In the heart its “Sakae” has a variety of values ​as cosmopolitan town.Fascinating shopping area  and orderly business district. In the bustling downtown area, the oasis of rest spread. You can see figures of foreign travellers also.

Nagoya Travelers Hostel, was built in the town such diverse cultures are mixed. It was founded to be a crossing for information and people and goods around the world. We welcome the large number of customers, regardless of Japanese and foreigners.


We have prepared in order to meet the needs of travelers who have diversified, all building consisting of five leading up to the 4F from the B1F. The rooms are type of a different kind, to group travel with friends from backpackers traveling alone, can accept all of them. And, in order to have you touch the charm of Nagoya deeply as long as possible, an economic plan with all one’s might also available. Please go enjoy the surprise and meet in Nagoya to your heart’s content.