Late check-in (after 22:00)

In lieu of the COVID-19 emergency the hostel’s opening has changed,
so if you are planning to arrive after 8PM,
please let us know your arrival time in advance.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Our hostel Front desk is not open for 24 hrs,
it works from 8 in the morning till 10 at night,
and our guests can check-in any time between 3pm and 10pm,
as the reservation website and confirmation email explains. 

If you`re unable to come to the hostel during check-in hours,
we would strongly recommend you to go through the check-in procedure
any time after 8 am when the front desk opens.
(Please remember this doesn’t mean that you can access your room immediately
but you’ll be able to access your room any time after 3pm. )

In the case that this is also not possible,
and your arrival time at the hostel is after 10 pm when reception is closed,
extra fees will be applicable depending on your arrival time. 
We can wait for you to arrive here up to 25:00.

Furthermore, if your reservation is for a dormitory room,
please take in consideration the other guests and respect their sleeping time.

We sincerely hope you can understand these rules,
and we wish you have a great stay with us.

↓If you’ll arrive at our hostel after 20:00, Please let us know your arrival time in advance.
 tel: 052-251-5545